Tuesday, February 20, 2007

warmer days

hey all - we went to the park today - it was in the mid-40's!! praise the lord for a warmer day! i bundled the kids up and we walked to our little park. we had a few near misses (you know rhys standing at the top of the play structure about to step off into air - oh and kyrie tried it too!). i nearly had a heartattack. but thank you to our lord who has set guardian angels encamped around us. (ps. 91). the park was 'crowded' today - most days that we have been there, it was nearly empty. i brought them home, fed them lunch and we all went down to naps at 1pm - which explains why i have a million emails to respond to - i actually took a nap. i needed it and was must refreshed.

oh and the big news today - ransom bit my booby so hard today it drew blood. yep - he is officially on probation. if he continues to do it i might just pump. poor little guy - mama is not putting up with that. no sir. i was so angry - that is the emotion. i didn't have the mind to flick his cheek b/c i was just trying to get him to let go. jaws of death. he only has two teeth. what is up with that? i flicked him tonight when he did it and he was highly offended. like - hello buddy you just bit my nipple!!

i am off to bedybye. the whole household is asleept - even daddy plaster.

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