Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kinder Farm Park

a fun activity if you are in the area! (thanks jen for the tip!)

how to find safe sunscreens for your babies!

my friend shannon sent this link to me on safe sunscreens - check it out!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summer time

out here in maryland its lovely and warm and breezy. i am sitting on the back porch enjoying the jubilant blowing wind. there are some kyackers a ways out and we have seen two jolly tugboats coming down the river this morning. seriouly folks i feel like i am living in a virginia burton book! can i say that it is heaven here? we witness the movement of nature all around us. the kids are learning the names of the osprey, the cormorant, the canada geese with their goslings, the purple martins, the blue herons and the family of regal swans that visit our point. i am determined to get some more nature guides on the chesapeake bay area so that we can learn all there is about our new home. we'll be staying here for several more weeks before we move in to our digs. ps there goes a mallard duck flying overhead.

so i am here to give a review of sunscreen. i was at target looking for some lotion for this new summer season and was determined to find something natural for my kids rather then that creepy stuff i used to buy. the last few years while we were up in newport, i used nature's gate brand. i was not happy with the taste of it (somehow it always seemed to make its way in to our mouths!) nor was i impressed with the quality - just not my favorite. of course it gave no rashes and worked well-enough preventing sunburns but i was in the mood to find a replacement. so ... i am here to say that the pricey ($12.99+tax) california baby 30+SPF is amazing!! goes on evenly. not greasy. doesn't taste funny. doesn't rubb off. its great.

does anyone else have any other natural/organic sunscreens they like? i know that i could probably find a few others to try through amy karol's site (angry chicken) or simplemom. i will be on the hunt.

enjoy your summer breezes!

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