Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my projects now and later on

i am sitting in a very sunny bedroom staring at the ever growing piles of clean laundry that needs to be folded, sorted and put away ... much to my dear husband's credit there actually is clean laundry in the house. sometimes it just doesn't get done, for various reasons - well it does it just doesn't get done b/c i get distracted with kid stuff. so then along with tons of laundry there are also some organizational projects i really want to complete before the spring hits and i WILL be outside as much as i can. ie. our pantry room, our bedroom closet, our cds, baby stuff (what can i get rid of ie. be as minimalist as i can for this shall i dare say "last" baby?), and toys.

spring will come one of these days - oh i think in may or something and i want to be working on projects outside: a vegetable garden, my potted plants, herbs, weeding, watering, fertilizing - oh the very smell of wet, soft earth makes me even more motivated to get my indoor projects completed. you see the idea is that when we move next summer (2009) i will have gone through most of our stuff and pitched the 'not seen in a year junk'. instead of waiting til we have moved to maryland to do the deed. this has been my moving habit all times before b/c i always have just had a baby when we move and its been too much for me to tackle. not this time.

so right now i day dream of soft, wet, dark earth, new seeds, new plants, green things. buds on trees, bulbs, hydrangeas, rhodies, magnolias, warm sunshine on my back, garden tools, dirt in my fingernails, green hoses spraying cool water, little ones learning to plant and watching things grow. and then i dream of delicious fresh picked salads during the summertime..ummmm.

anyone else so ready for spring?

bye for now all. i am tackling my laundry.

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