Monday, March 17, 2008

a healthy update

today was our first full day back in the land of the living - well - school wise that is. kyrie went to school finally!! yeah everyone is back from being so so sick all last week. we had the stomach bug for a week and then both parents caught a nasty head cold. i am almost all recovered. its sunny today and mid 40's - and i have seen a white crocus in bloom. how exciting. oh happy st. patrick's day everyone.

we leave for annapolis on wed after work and i can't wait. warmer weather and family too. easter is next sunday - can't wait for that! we are going to the easter egg roll in front of the naval academy chapel. our first ever. i am still working on something to wear for ransom but the girls are covered except for white socks and easter shoes. i need something to wear as well. but i will worry about that when we get down there.

today i went to several fun stores and got some things to work on this week with the girls. we'll be making easter cards and easter cookies (bunnies and ducks with almond extract - yummo!)

i have also been completing some of those projects i blogged about earlier - i finally got a huge cork board up in our kitchen and posted pictures and important information on it and oh man have cleared the frig and the closet clutter from unnecessary piles of papers. it feels so good! i have also started my thank you notes for my birthday party and rhys' too! and in an attempt to get more organized in my life as mama of four i bought a one dollar purse size weekly calendar so that i don't flake out on appointments etc!

speaking of appointments. i had my 16 week check up - i am either 16 or 16.5 weeks depending on the date of my last period or my dating ultrasound. we'll be having our big ultrasound in 2 weeks on april 2 to find out the sex - this is oh so exciting as this will be our last baby!! graham is going to be coming with me.

well i hope to some recent pictures soon. enjoy. and may christ dwell in you richly as you contemplate all that he has done for you and all that you can do for his kingdom. blessings!

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