Sunday, December 16, 2007


g.t. and the halo express - hiding god's word in your hearts - this is from the early '90's generation and is another fantastic source. my mama bought it for the kids last year and we LOVE it!

a trip down memory lane...

does anyone remember psaltie the song book? or bullfrogs and butterflies? or the music machine? or antshillvania? well i just came across a site that you can buy all of the above in complete sets (they even have charity churchmouse t-shirt and skirt and vintage coloring books from way back in the '80's!) i grew up singing "have patience" from the music machine and i was just singing it to the kids yesterday b/c someone was in a bad mood (which of course you can't really stay in after singing that song!) so this morning i decided to search the mighty web for clues to this treasure of bible songs and stories (which of course we all listened to on vinyl back in the day!) the web does not dissappoint! here are the two sites:

so enjoy these sources for fantastic christmas presents for your kids or friends! let all the wonderful, warm childhood feelings come back to you. i can't wait to get these in our home!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


dec. 4th, 2005 around 8:30am (right about now as i am typing) my little brother (then 17 years) went home to be with Jesus. i miss him so much. this day is so memoriable. i will call my folks and my brothers. i will probably cry a lot. pray a lot and in the end - know and be aware that MY REDEEMER, HE LIVES. i will worship Him b/c what he says is true. he has conquored death and the grave. he is KING and the LIFE GIVER. i will see my dear brother again. i will see him in a completely redeemed state. oh happy day!!!!

i want to send out my thanksgiving to all our dear church family and friends in california and family and friends all over who have stood with us during this time of grief and suffering before and after jesse passed. the meals, the prayers, the worship and the deep compassion was grace immeasurable to our family. this day means that i miss all of you too. love, esther

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