Saturday, March 10, 2007

kyrie and rhys

our kyrie is spending the week down in maryland with her marmie and pop (graham's folks). what a special time for both of them. we are savoring this time with rhys and ransom. i have been getting some individual time with rhys and that has been priceless. she and ransom were laughing together tonight and she was "talking" to him. i love seeing her personality blossom.


today was supposed to be in the 50's. so we decided to take the kids on a walk to our neighborhood park. our friends will and leigh met us there with their boys. we wanted it to be in the 50's but it was definately NOT that warm. we stuck it out for at least an hour. i took ransom around the block to get him to sleep. it was a nice brisk walk and good to be away from everyone, which is something that i don't much of.

i want it so much to be spring. locals say that we have about another month until we get some solid warm-er weather. my friend amy sent me these two websites for an organic co-op and a farmer's market. there are all of these pictures of yummy summer fruit and goats and chickens. we are going to go and buy a share in the co-op. today we bought our groceries online for the first time. it will be delivered to our doorstep next week - how cool is that!! its like the milk man for the 2000's.

our house smells like spring now. graham built me window shelves and bought me seedling starter kits. so i finished planting the seeds today and the kitchen smells of soil, water and clay pots. i love it!! we are going to transplant them to our backyard. graham is going to build garden beds for me. when it gets warmer we'll be out there all the time.

so its just a few more weeks until the earth blooms and buds and the green things wake up. until then i will water my plants indoors and dream of warm spring days.

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