Tuesday, May 4, 2010

its a small world

i am sitting in a lovely hotel, drinking a lovely glass of wine. children are sleeping - at least 3/4 of them. hubs is crusin his new ipad and i am actually writing a post. been so long. so here is a little update. we moved. today. we packed out yesterday and with the help of some AMAZING friends (got to love community in jesus!) cleaned our home spotless for the inspection. we stayed on the water in monterey - it was so breathtaking. i heard the waves crashing all night. i think that is what you hear in heaven. anyway. we just had dinner at my brother and his wife's home and now are going to be driving down to san diego for a few days with the rest of my family. so excited about that. kids are doing well. we love road trips. as always when we leave an assignment and are enroute to our newest destination, we marvel at the hand of the Lord in our lives. i was overcome with the beauty of creation and the reality that all creation groans and cries out in praise of our God. (in particular when we drove past pyramid lake).

so now to the "small world" bit of this post. i was reading one of my favorite blogs: www.simplemom.net, in the comments was a response written by "tacy". that name rang a bell - hmmm my sister in law was good friends with a girl name tacy in annapolis --- it was her!! so i am now subscribed to www.homemakinghabits.blogspot.com. she is so thoughtful and direct. i really think that i need to become good friends with her - since i am moving to annapolis!! maybe she will see that i also posted a comment at on simple mom!:)

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