Sunday, February 11, 2007

Newport Mama

So here I am in Newport. We have been here for a month to the day exactly!! We love our new home. Its over a hundred years old but its been completly fixed up. It has so much light due to all the big spacious windows and that adds greatly to my positive mental health during the "dark ages" of winter here in the North east. Its so cold out my poor kids havn't been on a walk or played at the park in weeks. (probably more like 3 weeks). Mostly we are just getting settled - you know trying to unpack boxes, put things in their proper place, reaccess what needs to be organized - the usual in MOVING with the Navy. I don't mind moving but I have learned in recent weeks that I am much more of a perfectionist then I ever thought I was. This is hard to live out since I have three little ones. In the last few days I have been trying to consciously "let go" of a picked up house. Its been really a challeng but also liberating - so more mental then physical exaustion - ie not as much picking up but more looking to the Lord to help me control my urge to rant and rave about how cluttered things are with little plastic tea cups and plastic veggies strewn around my bedroom floor - which I still havn't been able to vacuum b/c we have so many boxes etc in here. I know - it sounds bad but I am exaggerating of course.:)

more later - dinner is ready!! Yeah for the Joy of Cooking I got from my good friend Leigh Rimmer!!! Pot Roast!!

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