Wednesday, February 21, 2007

our friends from the single days

this past sunday we had the wise family out down from cambridge to visit. alston and ben have two boys - henry and spencer. i met alston back during my senior year, in chapel hill. she was also a witherspooner and so we had much fun after college up in dc. i had not seen her since i got married and before she was married to ben! they have relocated from the deep south to teach at harvard so naturally we are thrilled to have them near us. our kids had a blast with their boys. we even got to go to the park - although it was very cold and windy! i will post some pics soon. we are excited to spend more time with them. ben plays banjo and he was enjoying our ukelele. graham and ben jammed and we played our favorite song "kyrie is a princess, rhysie-pie is a fairy, ransom is a sailor..." and added verses about henry and spencer. we plan on going to the boston children's museum with them in a few weeks for rhys' birthday.

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