Monday, February 12, 2007

potty training

I woke up this morning to Rhys whining at my bed trying to communicate something (she isn't quite 2). I looked up from my pillow, bed head and all and saw that she had taken off her diaper. Well that means that said diaper is either pee or poops and it is stewing somewhere in a dark corner - ugg. Luckily I found it later thrown up on the changing table - she is so smart!:) What I did find, however, was that she had peed on the floor in our room and Graham's brand new Bible was sitting in the puddle. Uh-oh. All is well though - we have it cleaned up. So then I asked her if she wanted a new diaper and she told me no. I then asked do you want to wear panties - and a big nod and a grin. So we put on Little Mermaid panties which she calls Barbie. (she calls everything that is princess-ish "Barbie"). I went in to Potty Training Mode. We have gotten Kyrie trained so I was remembering my strategies for this round. Ok get her in panties, give her a sippie cup and then take her to the bathroom after about 30 min. I told her to give me the sign for potty when she needed to go and then I got the potty ready for her just in case. We went down the stairs for breaky and about 20 min later as I was cleaning up their little table and chairs in our dining room, I saw that there was a puddle under her seat. So much for that rule of thumb!!:) So its back to diapers for now. Which is a good thing b/c then she had a very messy diaper -- I am sure all of you who are parents can relate, and sorry to those who don't have kids yet. Your time will come. But now, I don't dread potty training that much b/c I know that it does work for at least one of mine. And seriously folks, who ever heard of a kid truly learning in one day. Ridiculous.

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