Monday, November 2, 2009

one thousand gifts

holy experience

...thankful i didn't get the flu, eventhough four kids + hubs did
...for a brand-new jogging stroller that someone gave us when we bought a washer/dryer off craig's list (not kidding it was probably used three times!)
...for the beautiful weather outside - ie warm days!!
...for my new home
...for closets and space for everything!! (linen closet, laundry room, 2-car garage, pantry, cabinets, drawers, walk-in closets in bedrooms, a guest room with a closet, 2 1/2 baths!, and an office witha closet!!!)
...for a husband who appreciates my work as i appreciate his
...for parents who care and pray for me
...for sweet hugs and kisses from kids when i am "frustrated"
...for walks to the park
...for fall chills and apple pies
...for our own bathroom
...for a chance to reorganize our lives as we set up house
...for sonlight homeschool curriculum
...for neighbors who send baked goods over to welcome us the the community! (like four families have already done this!!)
...for a closet dubbed "the reading room/dress-ups closet" that the kids like to go in to and close the door and play
...a backyard with a fence to send kids out to play (and a kitchen window to look out on them!)
...pretty, new, soft sheets (target's vintage mondern) couches coming tomorrow to sit on in our living room!
...verizon guy coming today to hook up our internet
...friends who call unexpectantly and leave lovely messages on my voice mail (thank you nowie)
...james 1:19 - thank you jesus for teaching me and being patient
...for my compassion children: erasto and juliana
...for snuggling kids
...for kid's ibuprofen and tylenol (those poor mothers of ages past and those mothers now who don't have access to these simple wonder drugs.)

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  1. Loved your list and glad you got my message :)! We are moving into base housing next week in Pax River and our home sounds a lot like yours! We are really excited! It's truly a blessing. Love and miss you EV!!


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