Wednesday, November 18, 2009

used books

today i decided that i needed to find some cheap sources for books - like craig's list, goodwill etc. then i remembered that when we were in hawaii i went to a library book sale and scored big time. fingers went walking and what did i find? right here in the monterey bay area i found a library sale this friday and saturday!! i am getting a babysitter and i am going!!

also: at the monterey public library there is a used book sale 1st saturday of every month from 1-4pm. they will also being having their annual GIANT book sale on january 8,9,10 of 2010.


  1. we get great books at the thrift store. plus, after christmas, we do a book swap for kids and adults where every one brings a book to give and gets to take one home. it's super fun.

  2. Wasn't that book sale in Hawai'i the best? I found so many great books there.


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