Wednesday, November 18, 2009

giving thanks ... on wednesday instead of this monday

holy experience

... thankful that my children are healthy and home with me.
... thankful that there is forgiveness (especially in the hearts of my children when i am having a bad day)
... thankful for this beautiful home
... thankful for blogging, emails and facebook
... connecting with friends from far away and long ago through all of the above
... for babies that take their passie, their stuffed animal and nurse and then happily go to sleep in their own beds
... for singing kyrie (who is taking a bath)
... for a creative rhys (who has been very busy with bookmarks and drawing - i think there are some homemade christmas gifts in the making)
... for the starry night when i moved the bikes back in to the garage
... for only about an hour til hubs gets home
... for jesus - he covers a multitude of my sins
... for fresh starts, new days, new mercies and french press coffee
... for farms - we get to visit one tomorrow with a homeschooling coop
... for friends who invite us to the farm (thannk you lindsay!)
... for giant used book sales (praying for a babysitter for friday so i can go!)

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  1. these are all great things, esther. thank you for sharing them. isn't it awesome to reflect on the goodness we have?


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