Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday afternoon stir crazy

today was sunday and after church we always take naps. but ransom wakes up before everyone else so by 4pm he was wanting to eat his dinner and i was up of course:) we went downstairs and after feeding him green beans and realizing that he wanted to do other things besides sit in his play pen while i de-cluttered my area (which has overtaken the wet bar) it was outside for mama and baby boy. its gray and a bit spitty outside but not too cold, rather mild. i wore flip flops but put on my barn coat just in case. my goal was to walk downtown and grab some fresh air and an iced coffee which is my newest beverage of choice. what i have come to realize is that i love the outdoors (i love moving and movement - these are things i am learning as going to the ymca becomes part of our life). so i was totally loving just the being part of walking outside. it felt good. the cool, moist air felt good. ransom was happy to hear the birds and take in all the surroundings. the chinese magnolias, pears and azaleas are blooming now. and eventhough we have had about 3 sunny days in the last few weeks (and maybe 2 of those were warm), just to see the gorgeous blossoms is enough for me. they are praising the lord and it is a glorious site. so this sunday we have rested. we have tried to quiet our hearts. can one do that with little ones? maybe i can quiet my heart tonight with the word.

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