Friday, April 6, 2007

good friday

tonight graham and i watched The Passion. i was dreading it b/c its so close to home. my sin is exposed to the Light. we almost didnt' watch it but then we both agreed that we were like the disciples in the garden of gethsemene who kept nodding off while Jesus was sweating great drops of blood and giving up his will to the Father. i encourage youll to watch this film on good friday. several things occured to me afterwards:
1. it was real - this actually happened - he went through all of that FOR REAL
2. he loved his tormentors and accusers just as much as his friends and followers. he prayed for them. he asked his own father to forgive them.
3. as a mother with a new son i felt the pain of mary's anguish, as she watched her beloved son suffer brutalization.
the challenge is can i make what he did worth it? can i live my life doing all that he puts in front of me to do - do the stuff?

...good friday 2003 my brother jesse was admitted to UVA hospital. they didn't know why he felt so ill or what was causing his fever and bone pain. that good friday started it all. now he is with the King. no more pain. it is finished. thanks be to God who crushed the head of the serpent and has victory over sin, death and the grave.

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