Saturday, April 28, 2007

a long post

hello all, i have been meaning to write several posts but they have been lost in my brain. several time during the day as things come up and i start a thought or an idea comes along, i think ooh i need to run upstairs and post this on my blog...well being a bit busier then i think i am it doesn't get done. i need to be better at this. maybe right things down on a pad of paper and then once a day lay it all out...but aren't blogs supposed to be streams of consciousness? i think that this is one way to write a blog. so for now i will just write about a few things that have been going on so that i can keep you posted.

let's see. rhys is down in md with my in-laws for a week or more. rebecca (graham's wonderful mama) came up to visit whitney (g's sister) at college and then took rhys down with her. we are supposed to be visiting a-town mother's day weekend so we may just see if we all can stand having her gone that long. i miss her a lot but it is very nice to just have two right now. although kyrie seems to be in a funk at least once during the day b/c she misses rhysie. i know that rhys is having a blast with mark and re. she'll come home with a beautiful new wardrobe and hand made doll clothes for her "akika mama and akika baby" (the african dolls that re brought the girls back from ethiopia). i know that this is a very special time for rhys and her grandparents, not to mention logan and laura (g's brother and his wife) who also live in a-town. she is my sweet girl and i love her kisses and her new words. now that she is two its a little more challenging but such a treasured time.

i am going to write more tonight but kyrie has informed me that the homemade whole wheat pizzas are ready downstairs.

i love being a mama!!


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