Saturday, October 24, 2009

new home update

tuesday we got our keys. thursday our stuff arrived. my dad came up to help us with the movers, as graham would be in class all day. (thank you to both mama and dad!) a friend took the three older kids for me all day. we had terrific movers. they were so patient when i asked for different things. they were careful and thorough. thank you Lord for orchestrating this. i had them unpack all the household items (the garage we'll do ourselves, once we get the house put together.) so that means two things: #1 it is a bit chaotic around here as you can probably imagine (invision 3 year old and 1 year old sons getting in to everything!!) and #2 the movers did about 2 weeks worth of unpacking + got rid of almost all the boxes. i think this is the way to go for us from now on. tonight will be the first meal i cook in our beautiful kitchen. we are so thankful for this home (4 bedrooms + an office with a closet, and so many other fabulous ammenities!)

the Lord has also showed his faithfulness to me by way of friendships, not only for me but also for our kids and for graham! there is a very special family (9 houses down from us! i had the kids count.) who have four little kids our kids' ages and who homeschool. they love jesus and are totally going to be our good friends. the kids love to be with their kids and us adults are pretty stoaked about the fellowship and date nights!! (its not everyday you find another couple willing to take your four kids for an evening!)

the neighborhood has been so friendly and inviting. ladies bearing yummy treats and offering help! sharing toys, visiting - its all here in our neighborhood. quite a different environment then when we lived out in town in newport. everyone here is in our same boat. its really encouraging and refreshing.

well i hear the baby upstairs up from his nap. gotta run. i will post pictures soon.

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