Saturday, October 17, 2009

confessions of a super-mom

i came across lindsay's post this evening. i have struggled with comparing myself to other moms; with feelings of inadequacy, especially when i read blogs by other super-moms. so it was refreshing to read her words and good for my heart to refocus. thank you lindsay.

here is a lighter, but oh-so-true essay on the super-mom, from a new favorite, suburban granola.


  1. You'd think those of us who've been doing it longer would be past this - but we're not.

  2. Yeah Ester love the blog! You must stop e-mailing at 3 am....didn't you know that is sleeping time :)

    Keep posting. I can't wait to see how your year of homeschooling is going. (btw we are loving Math-u-See...not sure if you decided to use it...but the girls have enjoyed it).

    Hope all is well.


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