Wednesday, June 10, 2009

what do i want to do when the kids grow up?

last night i met a few girl friends for a book club meeting - at a swanky little place down the street from my home. it was WONDERFUL. we are all moms and all military wives. we had decided that there was need for an excuse to escape for an evening (on a regular basis) and have mom-time-only! after discussing our book of choice and deciding on what we would be reading for our next, we got in to the topic of "what we will do after the kids grow up." we all went around the circle and shared. one friend, who is a woman truly walking in step with the spirit, shared that she wants to be like her mom. she said her mom volunteered her time but was always free to drop everything if any of her children needed her.

she said you'll never stop being a mother. that idea really resonated with my heart. this is something that i have desired from my own mother but because of real life reasons, has not been able to materialize - accept for one amazing time - when i gave birth to my first child, six weeks early, all the way in hawaii, my dear mom, dropped it all and flew from the east coast the same day, to be with me. she was amazing. that is motherhood. serving and in turn fulfilling a god-given calling that continues throughout a lifetime. i hope that i can do this for my own daughters and sons. thank you mama for giving up your life, once again, to serve me.

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