Friday, June 5, 2009

updates ...

since i haven't been around the blog in a few weeks i thought i would just post a few pictures of our busy activities ... i have been trying to get in to shape for whitney's wedding (hubby's baby sister!) in september -- so early morning walks, portion control, calorie counting, trying to drink more water, and getting exercise whenever i can. now that summer is here (although it feels more like a wet spring) my goal is to take the kids to the park at least once a day and/or the beach (even on cooler, overcast days). we have been spending time with some new friends who go to church with us and happen to live just a few streets over in our 'hood!! these special families are really excited to have found eachother and we all consider it a blessing from the Lord! so the next few posts will be updates of our spring. enjoy

this morning i woke up extra early and walked to starbucks, got a coffee and then walked all over downtown. it was nice to 'have the time'. the flowers i came across were heavenly. i hope to get a few pictures next time i am out. truly the beauty that my Father made for me today was exquisite. i was so aware of the presence of his love for me. it was sometimes sublte and sometimes vibrant. he was romancing all of my senses.

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