Thursday, June 11, 2009


hey you'll! my kids (yes even my son!) have really been enjoying the books pinkalicious and purplicious by elizabeth kann and victoria kann. we are just ecstatic that they have a new title out: goldilicious, about a unicorn. rhys asked if we could make cupcakes today after school. so we did (after i got the boys to go down for naps). this was the second attempt - the first time making them i added way way too much vegetable oil, having read the directions wrong. imagine that!! so here are our pinkalicious cupcakes. we used the cherries but as soon as they were captured on film, we threw them out. they are just so pretty - but not very yummy. and yes swimming in red dye #49 and high fructose corn syrup (then again so is the red food coloring i used for the pink frosting - oh well:)

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