Friday, February 5, 2010

thrifty books

on wednesday i took kyrie to a doctor's appointment, just she and mama. we took a little stop off at the pacific grove st. vincent de paul's thrift store. she and i found a pile of great books for very decent prices (although i personally think books at thrift stores should be around 50 each - maybe i am just being cheap!) tomorrow is the post-wide yard sale and i am hoping to find another large stash of children's books for our home library. some of our best books have been from a large library sale in honolulu when we were stationed there.

how do you shop for thrifty books for your children?

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  1. A great place to get book deals are the Scholastic Warehouse sales. Many of them are just for teachers or school personnel, but as a homeschooler you qualify! Here are the ones in CA:


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