Tuesday, February 9, 2010

rain day

its been crazy weather out here in monterey. we have had on and off rainstorms. then it gets really pretty and blue with warm sunshine. so i decided to get the three kids outdoors for a "trek". we all need some fresh air and a walk. its a bit of a hassle to get cranky kids into boots and raincoats but it is so worth it. blaise had fun picking up treasures. bits of multch, rocks, leaves. it reminds me of the simple things that bring wonder and joy to the little ones. how quickly we get distracted with the bright lights and noise of commercial "fun". i know that blaise was exposed to more of the beautiful creation around us this morning. that is a lovely accomplishment if i get nothing else done today.

our pastor said on sunday that God made the world around us, creation, to have community with us. i love that. simply put this rainy day was a love letter to us.

i hope that you can enjoy the outdoors sometime today and remember how much The Creator loves you.

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