Monday, April 14, 2008

spring break '08/spring cleaning '08

today is gorgeous. its sunny and warmer and brilliantly spring time. and my dear mother in law is coming in a few hours to pick up the girls for spring break. (my mama is taking kyrie and rebecca is taking rhys.) so it leaves just the Boy for the week with the Mama. what a special time. we'll take lots of naps, walks, park dates, coffee dates, and we'll be working on a few projects that never seem to get done with two other little ones under toe.

1. basement/organizing of junk, keeps and baby gear - taking clothes etc. to second hand store, or craig's list, or friends', or to the crisis pregnancy center in town for their rummage sale.
2. putting all my most favorite cds on my ipod that i have somehow failed not to include on my playlists!
3. budget -
4. reading
5. finish those thank you notes!
6. look around for a sewing class to take this summer
7. sign kyrie and rhys up for soccer and maybe gymnastics and vbs
8. meet up with friends and their kids for playdates at the park or beach?
9. def. going to the gym
10. the cliff walk with ransom!
11. more gardening and generally being outside as much as we can!!!

i came across this great blog mentioned in 'like merchant ships' called 'blissfully domestic' - i thought i'd share these quotes about organizing and getting rid of stuff not needed/used:

There is a place for sentimental value, for heirlooms, heck, even for ugly knickknacks. Just don't let every little thing hold more value for you than living in a streamlined here and now.

"If your house is full of stuff, all the blessings that could fill your house can't get in. The stuff takes over. It robs you psychologically. You can't be at peace."--Peter Walsh

in the midst of all this spring cleaning: spending more time with the Lord!!

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