Monday, April 14, 2008

drumroll please!!! the newest plaster

in all of the busyness of calling family members and friends and the general crazy household that we live in, i completely forgot to post about our newest baby coming, the sex and the Name.

so here it is --- we are having a BOY!! his name is Blaise Llewellyn Plaster. due aug. 28th, 2008.

blaise -- french name taken from blaise pascal, the christian philosopher/mathematician.
llewellyn -- welsh for 'in the likeness of the lion'

for all of you who know what c.s. lewis fans we are, llewellyn has two very significant meanings - the first in reference to Aslan, the great Lion, the Christ figure in the chronicles of narnia; and the fact that llewellyn means 'lewis' in welsh.

we are all very excited (although kyrie is still getting over the fact that she won't have another sister, or as she puts it 'a sister for ransom') about the prospect of two boys and two girls. a brother for ransom. another boy to watch and see all the differences that the masculine sex has. its truly a miracle. we are thrilled to welcome our blaise into the family. so we have about 20 more weeks give or take a week (i am not counting as carefully as the other pregnancies). we are praying for "40 and smooth" - 40 weeks and a smooth delivery. this boy is going to be a big one, i can already tell.

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