Saturday, November 17, 2007

jesse's birthday

just a few days ago on nov. 15th would have been my dear brother, jesse's, nineteenth birthday, had he not passed on to the Good Country almost 2 years ago. i had meant to blog about it b/c i was really feeling sad but you know how life is having just moved in and having three kids who keep one so busy ... so here i am on sat afternoon, blogging. half the fam is asleep in our bed next to the computer. we all got naps today. we all needed naps. poor kyrie woke up at 4:15am and then threw up. then when rhys got up she felt bad too but pretty much just laid around all day (sprawled on one parent or another) and was very sad about a stiff neck she had. i have been pumping them with tylenol on the clock and hoping that we can just sleep what ever bug we have off. (incidentally, we all had the flue mist and shot -- just ransom -- a few days ago so that might be the source of the funk.) its already past 4pm and its nearly dark outside. i am not a big fan of this early darkness. but my inner optimist longs for something fun to make it the best part of the day - perhaps its a yummy dinner simmering on the stove or a project for the kids, or a general feeling of peace (like when all the boxes are empty and my junk -- half of what is down in the basement -- has made its way into the goodwill) and i can work on something creative -- like the brilliant idea i just had this morning around 5am when ransom woke up after rhys and kyrie had finally gone back to sleep - b/c of course poor rhys was up too in the wee small hours:) this brilliant idea is going to make its way in to our handmade christmas gifts. i can't wait. it involves paper and i just love LOVE paper and stationary. in fact that is one of my most favorities types of stores to spend idle time in - stationary stores and of course book stores. speaking of books - i am reading michael pollan's the omnivores dilemma - wow - its amazing. a must read. especially as the food begins to pile up at the holidays. what are we having for dinner? & what is it exactly that we are eating? where does the food really come from? this might be up there with my other life changing book - eating more with less, which i have mentioned earlier in my blog site.

there. that felt good to write all that and not even interupted. and now i am going to rescue my husband's things from ransom - who is the Rummager!!!

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