Tuesday, November 13, 2007

greetings from 5th ward

has it really been a whole month since i wrote on my blog? ugggh - i have missed you so much. we are seperated no longer.

today was a good day for us. i did some more unpacking (so we did move two weekends ago and continue to unpack each day, purging what is not essential ie. what we didn't know we had and havn't seen in a year!) and the usual preschool drop off/pick up. these days i am trying desperately to save all my energy for the kids and graham. since we were in california for my brother's wedding and then getting back and four days later moving across town, i thought about and reevaluated my lifestyle as a mother and the keeper of the home. i am going to be taking a break from all my extra activities (play group, bible study, mom's club events etc.) to make life simpler and less hectic around here. my two youngest are in a transitional period that requires a lot more mom-power. rhys has had a very tough month dealing with the change of traveling and then moving. she still says she wants "to go home to the yellow house." she needs a stable, easy home environment with as little in the car and running around as possible. ransom is needing to keep his daily nap schedule for everyone's sanity. he goes down around 9-9:30am and then again at 2pm. its really important that the kids get settled in to our new home and that means time out from everything else. there is a time for everything and a season - this season that our little family is in is a good time. its a time to circle the wagons and prioritize. its good to leave a field fallow for a time. later on the ground is rested and able to yield a harvest of bounty. i hope that all my friends who read this will understand. this of course does not mean i will not be getting together with friends, but for a time i am needing to lay low and rest from outside committments.

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