Saturday, January 30, 2010


having been gone from bloggyland for quite awhile, i hereby begin again! no regrets not getting to post, i say to my creative heart, just lots and lots of LIVING going around here. we have had company since mid-december and today marks our first day as just our family. well actually, graham is not here this weekend either so maybe technically its less then our whole family. but you get the idea.

marmie (aka rebecca) my mother-in-law, left today for home (after five weeks of visiting!!) she and pop (aka mark) stayed in monterey, while he worked on a book. (he is in haiti, working alongside the other docs in his hospital group!) we are very sad to see her go - she has been such a blessing, inspiration and wealth of knowledge for this mama. things around our home are a lot more organized, simplified, and more peaceful. so ...

for the next few days i am going to share some of our new habits. enjoy!

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