Friday, September 25, 2009

america, america day #2

so far we are still in ohio. we said goodbye to the beautiful tatko family. then for lunch we met up with brooke and doug waller (old friends from USNA '02 days). the kids played at the chic-fil-a playset & we adults got to catch up and visit. doug and brooke were in navigators with us at the academy and have been special friends ever since. i am going to put her blog up on my blog roll.

i am determined to have this travel thing with kids down to a science by the end of our journey. i will be making suggestions for smooth sailing, when we get to california. i am learning how to be a better mama every mile we drive. the lord is teaching me so much. i am asking for him to create in me a clean heart every morning. slow to anger, tender, warm & kind. patient, compassionate, firm, faithful.

more to come after we get to st. louis.

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