Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thank God for bees

so this afternoon the sun came out!! yippee. i was making yummy spagetti for supper and went out to the garden to pick the ripe cherry tomatos (which the girls were feeding to a very happy but seedy ransom!) for the salad. (and on my way remembered our fresh oregano and basil plants and pulled a few leaves for my sauce!) the girls were out with me puttering around outside and we sat down on the steps. we sat b/c we discovered a very large, velvety bumble bee that had fallen "asleep" on the step. i picked him up, making sure that there was no stinger. he was beautiful. the girls and i discussed how pretty he was and how the lord had made him so special. and then we talked about how special and unique they were to him as well. it was such a lovely, teachable, sunny moment for us. they wanted to sit on my lap and kiss me. rhys has been talking so much more and giving us new words left and right. asking questions. making statements. discovering the bumble bee was a gift given directly from the lord for us.

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