Tuesday, May 1, 2007

fly lady

well i've done it. i have joined flylady. i am decluttering my home and my life. i havn't even shined my sink yet. but the shere satisfaction i had of setting my timer for 15 min and getting rid of anything in my dining room, living room and kitchen that isn't a blessing to my home was AWESOME!! i am still working on the kitchen and i havn't even begun our rooms or the basement. but its all about babysteps. by the time i get my routine going each morning and evening i will only have to actually do 3 hours of housework a week. and there won't be any clutter. hot spots of junk will be lord willing non-existent. i won't feel this nagging, sagging guilt that i need to dejunk when really all i do is get overwhelmed, move the junk around, repile it and then feel that no real work has been done at all - failure will be no more. my perfectionism is going out the window. i am armed with my 15 min and a bag. this unwanted clutter - the unwanted houseguest - will be no more. and i will FLY - or Finally Love Yourself (or myelf!).

stay tuned for further rantings, ravings and explaimations of gratitude for my new cleaning/orgnanization regimen.

thank you amy for lending me the books!

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